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COME HELL OR HIGH WATER: THE BATTLE FOR TURKEY CREEK (2013) is about a Mississippi Gulf Coast community, settled by former slaves, that has built powerful alliances to fight urban sprawl and industrial contamination — to protect the culture and natural environment that sustained eight generations.

“This intimate film tells a gigantic story … It’s about everything that matters in our society.”

- Bill Bigelow, Rethinking Schools

HOLDING GROUND: THE REBIRTH OF DUDLEY STREET (1997) is about the successful grassroots effort to revitalize a devastated Boston neighborhood.

“This terrific documentary … will come like rain in a dry season to communities all over the nation.”

- Jonathan Kozol, author of “Death at an Early Age”

GAINING GROUND: REBUILDING COMMUNITY ON DUDLEY STREET (2013) continues the story of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, following teen volunteers as they become adult leaders and witnessing this groundbreaking organization’s approach to the national economic crisis.

“An inside view of community organizing at its best.”

- Barbara Abrash, Director of Public Programs at Center for Media, Culture and History at NYU

SWEET OLD SONG (2002) is about the romance between string-band musician and national treasure Howard “Louie Bluie” Armstrong and artist Barbara Ward.

Directors Guild of America, Outstanding Directorial Achievement Nomination, 2002

Roger Ebert’s Overlooked Film Festival (Ebertfest), Official Selection, 2004